General Electric (GE) Digital Camera X600 Review – Edward Decker An Article By Kevin Durr

For example, the 50D ISO 12800 sample shows significantly more noise than the 60D shows at the same setting. The 60D sample details show up slightly more refined than the T2i sample in this specific example.

The new Sony A5000 mirrorless camera is now in stock with free ... For example, the 50D ISO 12800 sample shows significantly more noise than the 60D shows at the same setting. The 60D sample details show up slightly more refined than the T2i sample in this specific example. By no means will this model blow away the seasoned photographer, however it does cover the basics and more. A higher resolution also means you can crop an image and have the remaining image still remain high quality. -Has live view. The 60D had to have advantages within the very-feature-filled, lower model collection Rebel T2i/550D. The 60D feels solid in the hand, but, it will not have the magnesium alloy chassis that the 7D and 50D have – substituting polycarbonate instead. The D3000 is a solid camera.

... Lens-to-Canon-EOS-EF-adapter-50D-7D-60D-550D-600D-700D-70D-5D2-5D3-6D Where the D3000 excels: -It’s a more affordable camera. Easier to adapt the camera for perfect level is the Live View implementation of the Digital Level (which is again rated at ± 1 degree) when the 60D is tripod-mounted. The 60D is available in a body-only kit or in a kit with the Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3. 5-5. 6 IS Lens. Compact and capable, the D3000 is compatible with a broad range of world-famous Nikkor lenses and includes the versatile 3x, 18-55mm Zoom-Nikkor with Silent-Wave Engine autofocusing and the 55-200mm NIKKOR lens. Higher ISO options. The D3100 offers two more stops of ISO than the D3000 does.

To further simplify picture-taking in special situations such as portraits, sports, landscapes, and more, the D3000 features icon-identified Picture Modes that deliver beautiful results automatically in otherwise complex situations. Along with Picture Style and the shoot by lighting or scene type shooting mode options, additional image control is offered by the new shoot by ambience selection available in Basic Zone shooting modes. As I said above in this review, there isn’t enough difference in image quality involving the three 18mp DSLRs for image quality (including high ISO noise) to be a differentiating factor. The image quality out of the 3 18-megapixel bodies is very similarly excellent – any variations are not worthy of being a selection differentiator in my opinion.

Breathtaking digital SLR image quality and easy operation highlight the 10. 2-megapixel D3000-Nikon’s friendliest DSLR ever. The Canon EOS-1DS breaks new DSLR ground by offering in-camera RAW image digesting and creative digital filters. A Canon Wireless File Transmitter has not been announced for the EOS 60D. Instead, Eye-Fi SDHC Memory Card support is built into the 60D’s menu system. The latest Rebel DSLRs utilize SECURE DIGITAL HIGH CAPACITY cards, but this format is a change from the xxD line. The 60D is much more comfortable for me to use than the Digital rebel bodies (the downside being the additional size required to create this comfort). Rebel (and point & shoot) owners especially will appreciate how large the 60D’s pentaprism viewfinder is. The 60D’s viewfinder has approximately 96% coverage, a slight increase over the 50D’s 95% coverage.

The biggest 60D noise improvements over the 50D are at levels that remain very loud. The thumb position gains a more substantial bump-out for your thumb to hold onto but shifts the hold position to the right slightly, creating a less-full-feeling grip than the 50D has. EOS There is a manual on CD included that is much more complete. More fingertip room added on the front of the 60D body is welcomed. The 60D is shown above with an optional Canon BG-E9 Electric battery Grip mounted. Canon 1100D for sale. Special occasions are captured faithfully at up to 3 frames-per-second and displayed on a bright, 3-inch LCD monitor. I can set the shutter speed We need and the aperture I want to track sports players from tone to full sun, under changing heavens and with a rising or setting sun without exposure setting worries.

Canon PowerShot SX230 HS Review: A Solid All-Around Pocket Zoom ... EXIF information for the ending files provides the name of the filter used combined with the setting strength (no environment for Miniature). If you can afford to spend the extra money for the D3100, though, there’s no reason to not go with the D3100. We do not like the extra button press being required. Users can choose atmosphere selections of standard, vivid, soft, warm, intense, cool, brighter, darker or monochrome. To sum this all up, if you can only afford the D3000, then you’ll be really happy with it. The change on the top that I am finding hardest to modify to is the lock release on the Mode Dial. This creates what is essentially an Aperture AND Shutter Priority Mode.